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Grab Your Google Places Page Before It's Too Late

Google Places (formerly known as Google Maps or Google Local Business Center) is simply a list of local businesses that appear on nearly every Google local search results page.

An optimized Google Places page = More business at less cost!

You don't even need a website to have a Google Places listing.

Google Places works for any type of business located anywhere on the planet.

Everything Google does is aimed at making it easier for people to find what they are searching for. It is critical that you put your business exactly where people are searching. This means not only Local searches, but Mobile searches as well. We can't over stress the growing importance of mobile applications in today's market place.

The sobering FACT is, those local businesses who adopt an effective Google Places SEO strategy have an opportunity like never before in history to literally dominate their local markets. Particularity if they harness all the local and mobile search technology available to today's tech enabled customer. It is literally the new GOLD RUSH. Your business simply can't afford not to be in the race.

A well optimized Google Places listing provides local business the opportunity to be a cut above national companies in search results for their product or service. This is because Google establishes where your potential customers are searching from and serves up companies that are local to them its search results display.

  • Google Places is the way mobile tech savvy customers look for you
  • Google Places your business directly in front of today's customer
  • Google Places you ahead of your competition in multiple ways
  • Google Places brings more paying customers through your doors
  • Google Places is your businesses most cost effective web presence
Google Places

Going places with Google Places

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Does your business have an active and effective local marketing plan in place? Are you really that sure?

The Yellow Pages™ is so 1900's.  If you are serious about getting more customers (and who isn't?), then having a marketing strategy that involves Google Places is the most cost effective method available today, to get in front of the masses of customers who are searching online for you right now. We can help make it happen.

There is no better time, and never has been for that matter, to get more customers than right now. By positioning your business precisely where people are looking, you can reap the rewards that come with that decision. The deadly alternative, failing to do so will literally hand your business over to the competition. That is not the least bit over-stated.

Having an aggressive Google Places SEO Strategy is undoubtedly the smartest move any business can make right now.   It’s the easiest way to get your business showcased, it’s far cheaper than other SEO strategies, and is proven more effective than any other marketing method you have ever used. When coupled with our Mobile Marketing Methods, it could bring your business better returns than you ever imagined possible. And... you don't need a website to have us claim your Google Places page for you!

  • You could just do what some do. Go to Google and try to claim your page.
  • You will spend hours of your valuable time reading the instructions on proper methods and requirements.
  • Then you could give it a go, as they say, and hope for the best... or...
  • You could Contact Us Today for a FREE, No Obligation Assessment!
  • Let Our Trained Professionals Show You A Plan to Get Your Business a Top Ranking Google Places Page.

  • Your Bottom Line Will Thank You Over And Over Again!


Contact Us Today for a FREE, No Obligation Assessment. One of our account executives will spend the time it takes with you to thoroughly review the needs of your business and make some recommendations for results that will please you. No, I dare say, "WOW" you.

Your Bottom Line Will Thank You For Your Google Places page.